As adopted at the establishment of the party and updated on 19th July 2015

1: Name, principles and objectives

The name of the party is Vapers in Power – also referred to here as The Party.
The Party is an independent party and is not affiliated with any other established political party. The core value of the Party is to defend the freedom to speak about electronic cigarettes: the Party was established to counter any threat from future legislation which might curb the right to speak publicly about vaping.

The principal policy of the Party is to advance the interests of vapers. The Party plans to fulfil this aim by working towards the following objectives:

Halting, removing or preventing unfair and excessive restrictions and regulations imposed on electronic cigarettes and defending the right to vape freely and without legal hindrance or obstacle.Promoting the use of electronic cigarettes and opposing the “Quit or Die” school of tobacco control and its influence in politics and law.

Engaging in dialogue with all levels of government and other authorities to both promote
and protect the rights of current and future vapers.

Putting candidates forward for elections for political office, where it is deemed appropriate by the Management Committee.

Ensuring that candidates protect individual and/or groups rights and freedoms regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality, political beliefs or religious beliefs when representing the Party.Ensuring that members do not engage in any racist or sexist behaviour on any social media platforms managed by the Party (eg Facebook groups or forums).

Raising funds from appropriate sources to finance the work being carried out by the Party.
To publicise the party and promote the work it is undertaking.

Establishing and maintaining channels for members to express thoughts and opinions directly to the Management Committee and to other members. This will be online, primarily via the Vapers in Power Think Tank and Members Facebook group but could also be via Twitter, the AAEC, POTV, TVF and UKV vaping forums and the main party email address: [email protected]

Working with similar groups and exchanging relevant information for the benefit of both vapers
and the party.Taking any lawful actions that would help fulfil the party’s objectives.

2: Membership

Membership will be approved for anyone who is 18 years old or above and accepts this constitution.

Applications for membership can be made either by submitting an online application form on
the party’s official website or by signing up at officially sanctioned recruitment events (eg Vapefest).

The Party is a collective of independent members and has no fixed political agenda on issues
falling outside the aims and objectives of the party. Party members, candidates and
elected party officials are free to believe, vote, promote and act according to their conscience on any issues that do not conflict with the Party’s aims and objectives.

3: Register of Party Members and Paid Up Status

The names of persons admitted for membership by the Management Committee shall be placed on a register of members maintained by the Webmaster. Members need to supply their full name, postal and email addresses and membership fee and shall, on the date on which they are entered on the register, become and be members of the Party for a year. Members can pay a one off yearly payment or choose a recurring payment option. A member can terminate their membership by notifying a member of the Management Committee or by emailing [email protected]

The Management Committee may, by resolution passed at a Management Committee meeting, terminate or suspend the membership of any member if their conduct is deemed to be prejudicial to the interests and objectives of the Party.

Every paid up and registered member shall be awarded the following privileges:

The right to vote in ballots for Management Committee members
The right to attend the Party AGM’s
The right to attend General Meetings

4: Management Committee

The Party shall be administered by a Management Committee of between 3 and 12 members. Members of the Management Committee must be at least 18 years old to serve. The Management Committee can create new posts. All posts will require a ballot of the members (see below).

Officers of the Management Committee at the time of writing:

The Treasurer
Party Leader
Deputy Party Leader
Social Media and Press Secretary
Deputy Social Media and Press Secretary
Campaign Manager
Campaign Coordinator

The Management Committee shall meet regularly (not less than once a month). Meetings can be conducted online. At least three members of the Management Committee must be present in order for the Management Committee meeting to take place.
Voting at Management Committee meetings shall be by a virtual show of hands on a majority
wins basis. If there is a tied vote then the Treasurer shall be granted an additional tie breaking vote.

There is no fixed term for members of the Management Committee. If a member of the Management Committee stands down, or a new post is created, or a party member wishes to put themselves forward for a Management Committee position the Party Leader will email all members to ask for nominations and will hold a ballot by email. The process from a member nominating themselves for a Management Committee position (or a Management Committee member announcing their intention to stand down) to the ballot shall take no more than 28 working days.

5: Finance

All funds obtained by the Party shall be used solely for the benefit of the Party under the direction of the Management Committee.

Any bank accounts opened for the group shall be in the name of the Party.The Treasurer shall be held accountable for ensuring that the Party stays within budget.

6: Annual General Meeting

The Party shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every 15 months or sooner.

Where possible all members shall be given notice by email, otherwise notice shall be deemed
as being served by advertising the meeting Vapers In Power Members Facebook group, giving at least 21 days notice.The AGM can conducted via video conference call or in person at a venue chosen by the Management Committee.

The Management Committee will email the agenda to members in advance and also post it on the the Vapers in Power Members Facebook group. Members will be invited to submit other items to be added for discussion.The quorum for the AGM is six people – this must include at least 3 members who aren’t also members of the Management Committee.

7: Alterations to the Constitution and General Meetings

Proposals for amendments to this constitution must be emailed to the Party Leader who, together with the other members of the Management Committee, will set a date for a General Meeting for Party members to discuss the proposals, giving at least 21 days notice. General Meetings can be conducted via video conference call or in person at a venue chosen by the Management Committee. Members shall be given notice by email, and the meeting will also be advertised in the Vapers in Power Members Facebook group. Any changes to this constitution must be agreed upon by a minimum majority of at least two thirds of the members present and voting at the meeting. The quorum shall be a minimum of 6 people and shall include at least 3 members who aren’t members of the Management Committee.

The same procedure shall be followed for General Meetings called to discuss other matters. Any member can request a General Meeting by contacting a member of the Management Committee or by posting in the Vapers in Power Members Facebook group.This constitution was adopted by the Management Committee on 19 July 2015