Review of the DaVinci IQC

Review of the DaVinci IQC

The original DaVinci was released since in 2016, since then there has been a lot of improvement in the technology, design and the quality of the material used, allowing the dry herb vaporizer from DaVinci to be designed even further. Making DaVinci dry herb vaporizers more functional, more presentable, an increase in overall performance.

The DaVinci IQC is an improved version of IQ2, there were some properties that were maintained from IQ2  like the portable body but a lot of improvement on other properties like a few of the bells and whistles trimmed off, high temperature silicon parts have replaced the zirconia pieces, antimicrobial polymer lids have replace the aluminum lids.

Davinci IQC being the 5th model dry herb vaporizer made by DaVinci Tech is argued to be the best conduction Vaporizer on the market for many reasons including.

We were lucky enough to be provided with a Davinci IQ from Vape Elevate and our thoughts on the device are below!

Size and Portability

The dimensions of the IQC vaporizer are 1.75in wide x 3.61in tall x 0.97in-depth, and a weight of about 160g, making it to be able to fit inside jeans, small purse, shorts easily, compared to other portable vaporizers in the market the IQC is smaller and more portable. The IQC vaporizer is best for great for group scenarios due to its weight and size it is easy to pass it from one vaporist to and another.

DaVinci IQC Accessories

When it comes to technology DaVinci IQC offers many opportunities to give the best vaping experience with a cutting- edge technology.

The DaVinci dosing pods has some benefits like it can be used for both concentrates and dry herbs, the chamber is kept clean by the pod reducing the quantity of “ snacks” from dried herbs in the chamber. The pods shrink the size of the chamber, for more efficient single person possession.

Quality and Build Materials

The IQC dry herb vaporizer is made up of a high quality brushed aluminum exterior with a nice feeling finish which also looks very attractive, the mouthpiece, oven and battery hinges that that fit perfectly and feels great. The quality of the materials used to build the IQC looks expensive and the best on the market.

Vapor Quality and Draw Resistance

The IQC vaporizer is the best tasting conduction unit on the market because of its great taste and clean, the draw resistance is great for a conduction vaporizer. The path of the vapor in a IQC vaporizer is free from plastics and metals, and it is completely sealed.

Temperature and heating Options

DaVinci IQC dry herb vaporizer uses conduction heating to heat the chamber causing the chambers to be heated at all times. Each heating sessions takes about 10-15minutes depending on the quantity of herbs loaded in the chambers and temperature settings. The precise temperature mode of IQC dry Vaporizer ranges from room temperature to a maximum temperature of 430F, it also comes with smart path feature that permits users to select path(1-4), and the IQC vaporizer automatic slowly increase the temperature for an entire session. The temperature and heating options of DaVinci IQC makes it enjoyable making the product the best dry herb vaporizer in the market.

Maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance is easy this is because the all the herbs stay within the capsule

Warranty info

The DaVinci IQC vaporizer comes with a 5-years warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials.